January 31, 2014

Models Tips for Great Hair Care

When male model and actor Shaun Ross recently revealed his skincare secrets, it got us wondering what other tricks could we steal from the guys we see on the runway, in magazine ads and during TV commercial breaks. (Ross' homemade table salt scrub recipe and sunscreen advice are still blowing our minds.)

Someone had to do the tough work, so we spent a day with three male models fromSoul Artist Management to find out exactly what it takes to maintain their handsome faces and bodies.

Cory Bond

cory bond

The grooming habit he will never skip: Every night before bed, you have to wash your face. That's an absolute rule! If you do it in the morning, that's great. But at night, when everything is built up from the day, you have to get that stuff off, clear your skin and let it breath. I actually wash my face twice a day and use a Clarisonic brush. In the mornings, I do the gentle cleanser, and at night, I use the one with the salicylic acid.

The tool that removes every inch of hair... even "down there": There's a great little trimmer called the Peanut and that is the best trimmer out there anywhere. You can trim anything you need to trim -- your face, your body -- and it gets really close to the skin. It looks like you shaved nearly with a razor. I always use a trimmer before I shave because it makes for an easier shave.

The beauty products he steals from his wife, Becca: I use the same sunscreen that my wife uses, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream 50+. It's the best thing in the world. She threw everything out of our house that had parabens in it. She's big on everything that's super natural. I've also stolen from her Alba shaving cream. I use that on my face and it feels really good.

The dry shampoos that give him great (and clean) hair: I use dry shampoo a lot because I don't like to really wash my hair everyday... it doesn't style well for work. It's better for your hair not to wash it all the time. There's this one called Pssssst!That's one of the better ones. Bumble & Bumble makes a colored one in brown that is the same color as my hair. It makes it so full and nice, and it actually cleans it if you use just a little bit -- sucks up all the excess oil. You can also take vitamins and make sure you get enough protein for your hair.

The reason why he's pro man-icures: I go every once or two weeks for a quick little thing. I go to this place called Pastel on Second Ave and 12th Street and they don't really intimidate you. They love it when a guy comes in and takes care of himself. Occasionally I see a guy in there. I take Becca [my wife] and make a day of it.

The secret to his luminous glow: For modeling, I used to get told to go to the tanning beds. "Go get tan! Go get tan!" Your agent would push you to be tan, and I used to go two or three times a week to get really dark. It's extremely unhealthy. I now use these things called Tan Towel. They're not paraben-free, which Becca hates, but they do give you a natural color and you don't have to go in the sun and get baked. I love the sun and going to the beach, but if I go in the sun I minimum wear SPF 50. I had this little spot on my arm removed because it was precancerous. Ever since then I've been on top of it.

The gross thing he's keeping an eye out for backstage: You have to make sure makeup artists use clean makeup brushes, especially at runway shows because there's a lot of makeup artists but there's also a lot of models. All it takes is one person with an eye infection or something... so I'm kind of picky about who touches my face.

The beauty mantra he lives by: Stick out of the sun, use moisturizer and clean your face.

Alexandria Avalon
Alexandria Avalon